Using ConvPhot

Syntax and help

convphot Ver 1.0, for pc-linux on i386

This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software,

and you are welcome to modify and redistribute it under the GPL license

Program to measure colors between two images having different resolutions.


convphot [-h|--help]

convphot [-V|--version]

convphot [OPTIONS] det detsgm meas measrms catalog filter detzp measzp

Options and Arguments:

This section describes the mandatory command line arguments:

detName of the detection image.
detsgmName of the detection segmentation image.
measName of the measure image.
measrmsName of the measure RMS image.
catalogName of the detection catalog.
filterName of the PSF mask to smooth the detection
detzpDetection image zero-point.
measzpMesure image zero-point.

This section describes the supported command line options. Defaults are

specified in brackets.

Computational options:

-b, --sub-det-bckgSubtract background from detection image.
-B, --sub-meas-bckgSubtract background from measure image.
min: 0; max: 1.0.
-f, --flux-fraction=...Minimal flux fraction to process a boundary
source [0.4]. min = 0.0; max = 1.0;
-m, --mesh-dilation=...Number of pixels to dilate the source
thumbnail [32]. min: 4; max: 512.
-s, --signal-to-noise=...Signal/Noise threshold to align sources.
Require -b and -B. min: 0; max: 1000.0.
-t, --threshold-factor=...
Threshold. 0 means no threshold applied [0].
min: 0; max: 0.9.
-w, --write-fitsWrite FITS thumbnails.

Informative output:

-h, --helpPrint this help, then quit.
-i, --interactivePrompt before overwrite.
-v, --verboseVerbose.
-V, --versionPrint program version number, then
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